Mark Hall

Mark is a graduate of the worship collage in Wichita, he worked as the Music pastor in a southern Baptist church a little over 7 years. He has also worked as a men’s ministry leader, as a minister of evangelism, as a tutor/cook for an after school program, and as outreach coordinator for a bus ministry. Mark is a member of the board of directors for the Wichita Baptist homeless ministries, as well as a volunteer for many of their outreach efforts. Mark is an active member in the “Anthem trio”, the former lead singer of “His three” a contemporary gospel trio, as well as spent 3 and ½ years on the road singing baritone/ lead with the “Calvary Echoes” quartet and a brief stent with the “Forgiven” quartet. Mark and his family currently attend Glen park Christian church in Wichita.

Mark and His lovely wife Paula have been married twenty three years. They have two children Destiny & Nick (wife Sara). Mark & Paula are also the proud Grandparents of Nick and Sara’s two children Luke & Lexi. Mark has worked full time for the City of Wichita 30 plus years, he is currently in the Stormwater Management division of Public Works & Utilities. Mark also works with Preferred Mortuary services as a funeral director.