Richard Meier

Richard was born and raised in the north central town of Russell, Kansas. He attended the Russell public schools and graduated from Russell High in 1971, Go Broncos! His father was killed in a work related accident when he was not quite six years old. Due to this tragic loss life suddenly became much more difficult for his mother, younger brother and him. Life was filled with going to school, throwing two paper routes and doing odd jobs to supplement the family income. Richard was active in the Cub and Boy Scout organizations and took part in an Indian Dance troop that performed across the region for various functions. Thanks to parental encouragement he attended the local Lutheran church and earned one of the highest awards that the Scouts offered for religious activity, the Pro Deo et Patria award.

During his elementary and secondary school years Richard was often told that God had given him a good singing voice and that he should strive to nurture that gift. Naturally school and church choirs and choruses, as well as band and orchestra were part of his life. During high school his music teachers sold him on the idea that he should be studying vocal music as a career. Private lessons and much practice ensued with faculty at Fort Hays State College.

Pursuing the vocal music teaching career path led him to attend Wichita State University. Studying and working evening jobs became the routine since the scholarship funds weren’t enough to cover all the expenses. During this time Richard met and married his loving wife Barbara in 1973. Neither Barbara nor Richard claimed Jesus Christ in their lives at this point in time. God had other plans for both of them. Stopping his studies at the university to focus on domestic life with a new wife Richard began working full time. In 1975 Barbara became very ill and had to be hospitalized for nearly 30 days. With no health coverage, medical bills took on a new meaning. In 1979 Barbara was again hospitalized, this time for almost 90 days. However God had been at work during this time, because Barbara had come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior and through her love and perseverance led Richard to the saving power of our Lord.

During the following decades of life, God graciously allowed Richard to pursue singing on a limited basis with different church choirs and groups. In 2011 God put the pieces of the puzzle together and allowed him the great privilege to minister, through music, with Four the Cross gospel quartet. Humbly seeking God’s will this group will be able to share God’s glory for as long as He desires.

Since 1998 Richard has been employed by the City of Wichita as a combination building inspector. Before that time he was a self-employed building contractor for over 13 years. Because of her illnesses the couple has no children, but God has been kind and blessed with an extended family, a new grandnephew and an action packed kitten to love and care for. Thank God for all the blessings he has given and continues to give.